Yang Yang (杨阳)


Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

Fenghao East Road, Haidian District,
Beijing, 100094, P. R. China

Email: yang1993(AT)mail.ustc.edu.cn


Ph.D, University of Science and Technology of China, 2020. Supervisors: Prof. Ligang Liu and Prof. Xiao-Ming Fu.
Bachelor, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 2011.

Research Interest

Geometric Processing.
Computational Fabrication (3D printing).
Scientific Visualization.


Undergraduate National Scholarship 2013
Master National Scholarship 2017
China Postdoctoral Science Foundation 2021



10. Correlation-aware Probabilistic Data Summarization for Large-scale Multi-block Scientific Data Visualization
Yang Yang, Kecheng Lu, Yu Wu, Yunhai Wang, Yi Cao
Computational Visual Media, 2022.
9. GPU-based Adaptive Mesh Reconstruction for Large-Scale Statistical Visualization
Yu Wu, Yang Yang, Yi Cao
Journal of Visualization (ChinaVIS), 2022.
8. Probabilistic Summarization via Importance-driven Sampling for Large-scale Patch-based Scientific Data Visualization
Yang Yang, Yu Wu, Yi Cao
Computers & Graphics, 106, 2022.


7. Correlation Statistical Modeling Reduction Method for Large-Scale Structural Grid Data
Yang Yang, Yu Wu, Yunhai Wang, Yi Cao
Journal of Computer Research and Development, 2021.


6. Error-Bounded Compatible Remeshing
Yang Yang, Wen-Xiang Zhang, Yuan Liu, Ligang Liu, Xiao-Ming Fu
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH), 39(4), 2020.
[Code]. [Data]. [Video]. [DOI].
5. Simultaneous Interior and Boundary Optimization of Volumetric Domain Parameterizations for IGA
Hao Liu, Yang Yang, Yuan Liu, Xiao-Ming Fu
Computer-Aided Geometric Design (GMP), 2020.
[Code]. [Data]. [DOI].


4. Computing Surface PolyCube-Maps by Constrained Voxelization
Yang Yang, Xiao-Ming Fu, Ligang Liu
Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics), 38(7), 2019.
[300 models: PolyCube, All-Hex meshes]. [Code]. [Slide]. [Supp]. [Bibtex].


3. Volume-Enhanced Compatible Remeshing of 3D Models
Yang Yang, Xiao-Ming Fu, Shuangming Chai, Shiwei Xiao, Ligang Liu
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 25(10), 2019.
[Data]. [Data (Dropbox)]. [Bibtex]. [DOI].
2. Sphere-based Cut Construction for Planar Parameterizations
Shuangming Chai, Xiao-Ming Fu, Xin Hu, Yang Yang, Ligang Liu
Computer & Graphics (SMI), 2018.
[Code]. [Data]. [Slide]. [Bibtex]. [DOI].


1. Computing Interior Support-free Structure via Hollow-to-Fill Construction
Yang Yang, Shuangming Chai, Xiao-Ming Fu
Computers & Graphics (CAD/GRAPHICS), 2017.
[Video]. [Slides]. [Paper (Google)]. [Video (Google)]. [Bibtex]. [DOI].