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  • 2018 Electromagnetic Essay: slide
  • 1st Creative Competition of Intelligent Robots in Chinese Universities: page
  • 2019 Matlab Lecture: link


Study Resource

USTC Automation Undergraduate

210703 Electronic Design PracticeMaterials

210707 Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceMaterials

023181 Linear Electronic CircuitsMaterials

210050 Digital Logic CircuitsMaterials

010009 Introduction to Pattern RecognitionMaterials

010159 Principles of Automatic ControlMaterials

010197 Actuator TechnologyMaterials

010194 Fundamentals of Operations ResearchMaterials

010196 Sensor Principles and TechnologyMaterials

210060 Computer NetworkMaterials Review

010177 Modern Control TheoryMaterials Review

210076 Principle of Microcomputer and Embedded SystemMaterials Review

022056 Theoretical Mechanics BMaterials Review

010601 System IdentificationMaterials

010215 Foundation of Image ProcessingMaterials

EE1505 Introduction to Multimedia TechnologyMaterials

001065 Computer GraphicsMaterials Review

Computer Graphics

RayTracing Series: Link

OpenGL Tutorial: Link

PBRT Book: Link Code

SPH Tutorial: Link

Fluid Simulation for Computer Animation: Link

Vulkan Tutorial: Link

GPU Gems: Gems1, Gems2, Gems3

Computational Conformal Geometry: Link

Useful Github Project

imgui: imgui implot ImGuiFileDialog ImGuizmo imgui-markdown

Game Engine: octoon Overload Hazel luna-Engine LumixEngine

Logging: spdlog

Entity Component System: entt

Parser: tinyobjloaderassimp