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Ilum Graphics Framework

  • Still work in progress
  • More detail please check out Github repo page
Ilum Graphics Framework

Facial Recognition and Face Data Acquisition System

  • Finished in Feb. 2018
  • Using opencv, dlib and tensorflow to achieve Facial Recognition
  • Generate face dataset from video, camera and web
Facial Recognition

Air Hockey Robot

  • Finished in Dec. 2018
  • A robot that can play air hockey with human player
  • The robot based on HBOT structure, using vision algorithm and control algorithm to achieve man-machine play.
  • I'm in charge of the overall design, implementation of the vision system and joint debugging.
Motion detection

Wechat Robot

  • Finished in Mar. 2018


  • Using your Wechat as server terminal
  • Turing Robot interface allow you to turn your Wechat into a chatbot
  • You can analysis your Wechat friend circle
  • Yolo object detection by sending a picture to your account
  • Face migration
  • Obtaining movie resource from the Internet
  • Simple Wechat client
Yolo demo

Dancing Migration

  • Finished in Jun. 2019
  • pix2pixHD + Mask-RCNN + Pose Estimation
  • Achieving everyone dancing in Kun style
CXK dance like Bruno Mars

Computer Graphics Course Project

  • Nine weekly project and a final project
  • Final project: Cyberpunk Polygon
  • Finished in May 2020
Ray tracing demo


  • Finished in May 2020


  • ImGUI
  • Yolov3
  • OpenPose
  • Mask R-CNN
  • Nerual style transfer
Nerual style transfer demo

OpenGL Render Engine

  • Still working on it
  • An cross platform render engine
  • Only support OpenGL API for now & Offine rendering and physics simulation will come in the future
PBR render pipeline demo
UI demo