Conference Designated Hotel

Huangshan International Hotel

Tel: 0086559-2565678

Add: No.31 Huashan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui

安徽省 · 黄山 · 屯溪区 · 华山路31号

Invited participants will live in the designated hotel - Huangshan International Hotel (黄山国际大酒店) . Your rooms are already booked and you can check in directly upon arrival.

How to get there?

From airport:

The distance from the airport to the hotel is 6.7 kilometers, it takes approximately 13 minutes by taxi.

You can also opt for the 'Airport City Limousine' bus(机场市区通勤车), which takes 45 minutes from the 'Airport stop' (机场站)to the 'International Hotel stop'(国际酒店站) .

From Huangshan North Station (黄山北):

The distance from the Huangshan North Station to the hotel is 12.8 kilometers, it takes approximately 24 minutes by taxi.

You can also take the bus 21, it takes 52 minutes and leaves from the "Huangshan North Station" (黄山北站) and gets off at the "Huangshan International Hotel stop". (黄山国际大酒店站)