Wireless Networking Technology

Fall 2013


This course introduces fundamental concepts of wireless networks.The course will combine lectures with a set of homeworks on wireless networks.we will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction, wireless
  • Wireless network structure
  • wireless communication
  • Implementations of WLAN
  • Implementations of WPAN
  • Implementations of WMAN
  • Future of wireless network technology
  • Information resources of Wireless network
WeiFeng Sun   Associate Professor
Email: wfsun AT dlut.edu.cn
Teaching Assistant
QingQing Zhang   
Email: zhang901140 AT 163.com
The textbook for this course:
Wireless Networking Technology From Principles to Successful Implementation Steve Rackley
Wireless Networking Technology (Click here to download the PDF file)
Course schedule
*Lectures will be held Tuesday in 8:00-9:35AM and Friday in 10:05-11:40AM.The lecture schedule listed below is tentative. It will be updated as the semester progresses.
Week from Tuesday Friday
November 4 1.Introduction PPT 2. Wireless network logical structurePPT
November 11 3. Wireless network physical structure PPT 4. Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
November 18 5. Fundamentals of Infrared communication PPT 6.Standards of WLAN PPT
November 25 7.Implementations of WLAN PPT 8. Security of WLAN PPT
December 2 9. Troubleshooting of WLAN 10. Standards of WPAN PPT
December 9 11. Implementations of WPAN 12. Standards of IEEE802.16 WMAN
December 16 13. Implementations of WMAN PPT 14.Leading edge of the wireless network technology PPT
December 23 15. More information resources ---
The pdf for this experiment:
Wireless Networking Technology Experiment
Experiment Template
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