数理方法 Partial Differential Equations


§1 偏微分方程定解问题 Find the actual solution to a Partial Differential Equation along with Initial/Boundary Conditions
§2 ♦分离变量法 Separation of variables
§3B 特殊函数_贝塞尔 柱问题 动画 Special functions, appear as solutions of ODEs with variable coefficients
§3L 特殊函数_勒让德 球问题
§4 积分变换法 Momentum space (frequency domain) v.s. position space (coordinate space)
§5 基本解方法_Green函数 Fundamental solution is the impulse response of a PDE, defined on a domain, with specified IC or BC
不做要求章节: §1.2.5, §1.3.4, §1.4.2, §2.4.2, §3.2.3, §4.2, §5.4.2, §5.4.3, §5.4.4
  后续知识: 变分法 Calculus of variations → functional analysis, 非线性方程, 数值解法
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Mid-term test 8% §1~3
Final exam 70% 复习提纲(考试时间2018-05-26,8:30-10:30,地点3C203,3C204) 简明结果
Homework 22% §1 §2 §3Bessel §3Legendre §4 §5
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