Think with wildness, do with thoroughness

Si-Yuan Zhuang

2017 Autumn
The CCF Elite Collegiate Award
2017 Autumn
National Scholarship
Captain of Student Cluster Competition 2016 @ SC16
At SC16, Salt Lake City.
Overall Award and Highest Linpack Award.
Instructor: Hong An
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Hua-Yu Award
2016 Autumn
Outstanding Student Scholarship
Gold Award,USTC
2016 Autumn
Teaching Assistant for C Programming I
Dept of Computer Science.
Instructor: Jianhui-Ma
President of USTC Microsoft Student Club
Student Cluster Competition 2016
At ISC-HPC16, Germany. Rank 4.
Third RDMA Programming Competition
RDMA Optimization on Memcached.
Instructor: Hong An. Rank 1
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RoboGame @ USTC
Rank 4
iGEM, USTC Software
Gold Prize
President of Tech. Dept. of Student Union
Dept of Computer Science.
University of Science and Technology of China
Major in Computer Science.

Discover the beauty of computation

I've ever tried to visualize and analyze the property of random numbers, complex generators and so on. I think there are some interesting patterns under computation itself. Here's the "random sea":

A randomized sea

Interdisciplinary research

I hope the power and thoughts of computation will help other subjects to achieve awesome objective. Here's a quantum circuit generated by one of my programs:

A quantum circuit
Unsplashed background img 2


Tiny MIPS CPU with an operation system
We write a CPU with a subset of MIPS instructions, and a real-time flavor operation system. Test pass on FPGA.
Si-Yuan Zhuang(OS, Testing), Tian-Yi Cui(CPU Pipeline), Huan-Qi Cao(Interruption, I/O, Bugfix)
Neural-Style Visualization
We develop a framework to trace the real-time training process and analyse what have happened in neural-style. This will later be extended to general deep learning applications
Si-Yuan Zhuang, Xiao-Yi He
Other projects will be added later.