•   Design a robot with the ability of playing the board game gobang

•   Use the Opencv to design a model to estimate the graph of the present state, and  transfer it to a matrix which could be analyzed

•   My mainly work:designed the algorithms for the robot’s movement by weighing the board and pieces



Plant  identification  application based  on the image recognition techniques  

Supervised by Professor Xinmei Tian, USTC  

• Learning the  theory of machine learning,deep learning   

• Developed an algorithm to estimate the coefficient matrix of the model. 

• Developed a model suited to the plant  

• Write a classification  demo on  caffe 

Making an app on mobile terminal for the convenience


Online Job Dispatching and Scheduling with Deadline Constraints in Edge Computing(Undergraduate Thesis)

Supervised by Professor Haisheng Tan, USTC  

• Learning the  theory of edge cloud   

• Developed an online algorithm to dispatch and schedule the jobs with deadline constraints

• Simulate the algorithm based on the data from Google Cluster

•  Analyze the results and possible reasons of the simulation

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