Selections from Freshman Readings in English

From National Southwest Associated University, a.k.a. NSAU.

Week 1

Basic Information

Texts to Study

Additional Reading Materials


Week 2


Barren Spring

Language Appreciation and Analysis

Figure of Speech:


The repeated use of phrases, clauses or sentences that are similar in structure or meaning. Writers use this technique to emphasise important ideas, create rhythm and make their writing more forceful and direct.


The attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman.

But the land told nothing this year.

Such a despair had seized him as made him like a human without his reason.


Apparent contradictory terms that are combined to produce epigrammatic2effect. A deliberate combination of two words that seem to mean the opposite of each other.

  • Barren Spring

  • feeble strength

  • organised chaos

  • deafening silence

Week 3


What is Science?

Week 4


Why a classic is a classic


Here are but suggestions. You can write whatever you want, but you must submit an essay every five weeks.

Week 2

Draw your family tree (at least 3 generations) and share a story of a particular forefather (using third person narrative).

Week 3

Share something happened to you that made you believe that somehow your future career will be science-oriented.


1 矛盾修辞法
2 警句的;讽刺的