KUKA youBot

KUKA-youBot is the basic hardware system of our team. It consists of an omni-directional mobile platform, an arm with 5 degree-of-freedom and a two-finger gripper. Besides, a Microsoft Kinect for Windows v2 is mounted on a bracket behind the manipulator. It provides the global visual information for the robot. A Microsoft LifeCam is installed at the end-effector of the manipulator for visual servo, and it can provide 30fps, 1280x720 color images, which match the requirements well. Further, a Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01 for mapping and location is fixed on the front of the youBot platform.
Nao Robot
The various versions of the Nao robotics platform feature either 14, 21 or 25 degrees of freedom (DoF). A specialised model with 21 DoF and no actuated hands was created for the Robocup competition. All Nao Academics versions feature an inertial measurement unit with accelerometer, gyrometer and four ultrasonic sensors that provide Nao with stability and positioning within space. The legged versions included eight force-sensing resistors and two bumpers. The most recent version of the robot, the 2014 Nao Evolution, features stronger metallic joints, improved grip and an enhanced sound source location system that utilises four directional microphones.
The Nao robot is controlled by a specialised Linux-based operating system, dubbed NAOqi. The OS powers the robot's multimedia system, which includes four microphones (for voice recognition and sound localization), two speakers (for multilingual text-to-speech synthesis) and two HD cameras (for computer vision, including facial and shape recognition). The robot also comes with a software suite that includes a graphical programming tool ("Choregraphe"), simulation software and a software developer's kit. Nao is furthermore compatible with the Microsoft Robotics Studio, Cyberbotics Webots, and the Gostai Urbi Studio.

Meka Robot

Meka Robotics is unveiling this week its Meka M1 Mobile Manipulator, a humanoid system equipped with two dexterous arms, a head with Microsoft Kinect sensor, and an omnidirectional wheel base. The robot runs Meka's real-time control software with ROS extensions.
The M1-Standard comes with a preconfigured set of manipulators: Meka's compliant manipulators with 6 axis force-torque sensors at the wrist and compliant grippers. The pan-tilt head comes with a Kinect 3D camera and 5 megapixel Ethernet camera. And the base is a small-footprint omni platform with prismatic lift.The robot's computer runs the Meka M3 and ROS software stacks.


Robotic Manipulator

Harmonic Arm is a high-quality programmable robot arm with fully integrated electronics. Custom grippers can be fabricated to the specifications of your research needs. Builtin model in Webots Pro simulation software.
Harmonic Arm 6M is equipped with an additional joint: the wrist. The gripper can be mounted in the direction of the forearm or with an angle of up to 90 degrees, depending on the task.

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