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Dongfei Yu


Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science

University of Science and Technology of China

Room 501,Building 2#,West campus of University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei,Anhui,China,230027

Email:ydf2010@mail.ustc.edu.cn OR yudf2010@gmail.com


B.E., Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 8/2010~7/2014

Majored in: Electronic Information Engineering

GPA:3.78/4.3 Ranking:15/131

Research Interests: Computer Vision,Multimedia Information retrieval,Machine Learning


Research/Project Experience

  1. Robot Design and Competition [Tech Report]
  2. Date: 07/01/2012~09/11/2012

    Development Environment & Language: Matlab

    Supervisor: Changjiang Luo, Lecturer

    Project Description: The main task of this project is to design a smart car based on visual navigation outdoor.The car is required to climb down the stairs,and then get to the designated area to grab the target object with a machine arm,after which the car will reach the target area and put down the object.During the limited time,the smart car have to climb up stairs with approximate 70cm height.The entire process is automatic,without any assistance from people.

    Responsibilities: I am responsible for the programming work at the PC end,which will guide the car to the target region by road signs.Besides,the computer will receive status information from the micro-controller on the car,in which way the computer can control the program to run smoothly.In respect of hardware,we use a wireless camera which can transmit videos within 100m and the wireless communication module within 1100m.Videos are transported to a PC,then processed by MATLAB programme.The programme will make a judgement on direction and speed,next corresponding commands is sent to the micro-controller on the car,therefore guide the car forward.

  3. Audio Signal Analysis [Tech Report]
  4. Date: 2012/09/01~2013/01/13

    Development Environment & Language: Matlab

    Supervisor: Guo Wei, Professor

    Project Description: We try to recognize phone numbers by analysing the tones of dialled number with MATLAB based on the DSP theory.Otherwise,we even attempt to recognise the numbers spoken by the specific person,which can be applied in verifying identity.

    Responsibilities: This project is the core curriculum work for “DSP”.There are 4 persons in my group,and I am the group leader,the one who are responsible for the general plan of the project,weekly task assignment,as well as a part of technical work and making reports to my supervisor.Moreover,I debugged the whole program and made the final report at the end.

  5. Leaf Recognition system under complex background(National Training Programs of Innovation for Undergraduates)
  6. Date: 2013/05/10~2014/05/10

    Development Environment & Language: Open CV ,C++

    Supervisor: Xinmei Tian, Associate Professor

    Project Description: We try to use the camera on the mobile terminal(such as cellphone or tablet computer)to take leaves photos outdoors, and then the system will automatically identify plant species and search related information from professional plants database, such as biological properties, growth habits, geographic distribution,economic value etc.

Intern Experience

  1. Microsoft Research Asia
  2. Date: 07/2013~07/2014

    Position: Research intern at Multimedia Search and Mining

    Supervisor: Tao Mei, Lead Researcher

Foreign Language Abilities

Excellent in Reading and Writing,well in listening and speaking.

566 for CET-4; 477 for CET-6;

Computer Skills

  1. Programming Language: Standard C/C++ on Windows/Linux, C#, Matlab, VHDL, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript(including JQuery,AJAX)
  2. Development Environment: MySQL, Visual Studio, Matlab, OpenCV

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