“Algebra”, 2012.2-2012.6


Part I. Modules over PID


Part II. Wedderburn-Artin Theorem


Part III. Representations of Finite Groups


Part IV. Basic Commutative Algebra



“Modern algebra”, 2010.9-2011.1 (joint with Bailin Song)


Part I.  Group theory


Part II.  Rings and fields


Part III.  Galois theory, an introduction



“Homological algebra”, 2008.2-2008.6


Part I. Projective modules, injective modules, flat modules; categories and functors


Part II. Ext, Tor functors  and short exact sequences, Yext functors


Part III. Cohomology theory of groups, Lie algebras and algebras


Part IV. Spectral sequences




“Representation theory of groups and algebras”, 2007.9-2008.1


Part I: On groups and linear algebra, 6 courses.


Pat II: On representation theory of groups, character theory, 18 courses.


Part III: On modules of algebras, Wedderburn-Artin theory, induced representations, 18 courses.


Part IV: On representations of compact groups, 18 courses.




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