Working Groups



II.    Seminar on Categories and Homologies


Xiao-Wu Chen (USTC),

Liping Li (Hunan Normal Univ.)

Zhi-Wei Li (Jiangsu Normal Univ.),

Fei Xu (Shantou Univ.)


2016.TBA,  USTC, math building, Room 1518


This seminar is supported by NNSF and a grant of CAS. If you would like to come, please

contact X.W. Chen. The number of the non-local participants is supposed to be limited by ten.



I.                   Model Categories and Singularity Categories


Xiao-Wu Chen (USTC),

Zhi-Wei Li (Jiangsu Normal Univ.),

Xiaojin Zhang (Nanjing Univ. Infor. Sci. Tech.),

Guodong Zhou (East China Normal Univ.)





1. Jan. 24-25, 2013, USTC, Room 1518, Guanli Keyan Building

2. May 3-5, 2013, USTC, Room 1318, Guanli Keyan Building

3. July 19-21, 2013, USTC, Room 1518, Guanli Keyan Building

4. Jan. 16-18, 2014, ECNU, Math. Building


Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.