Computer Networking

Spring 2014


This course introduces fundamental concepts of Computer Networking.The course will combine lectures with a set of homeworks on Computer Networking.
WeiFeng Sun   Associate Professor
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Teaching Assistant
QingQing Zhang   
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The textbook for this course:
Computer Networking:A Top-Down Approach From James F.Kurose , Keith W.Ross
Computer Networking(计算机网络:自顶向下方法第六版)
计算机网络(第 4 版)电子工业出版社,潘爱民译
Course schedule
*The lecture schedule listed below is tentative. It will be updated as the semester progresses.
# # #
# 1.Introduction Chapter_1_V6.1.PPT 2.Application layerChapter_2_V6.1.PPT
# 3.Transport layer Chapter_3_V6.1.PPT 4. Network Layer Chapter_4_V6.1.PPT
# 5.Link Layer Chapter_5_V6.1.PPT 6.Wireless and Mobile NetworksChapter_6_V6.1.PPT
# 7.Multimedia NetworkingChapter_7_V6.1.PPT 8.Security Chapter_8_V6.1.PPT
# 9.Network ManagementChapter_9_V6.1.PPT
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