A Brief Introduction

I'm Wei Fan(范惟 in Chinese), a senior student from the School of the Gifted Young, University of Science and Technology of China. I'm currently majoring in Probability and Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences. I'm expected to obtain a bachelor of science in June 2022 and become a PhD student at the Department of Statistics and Data Science in the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania starting from August 2022.


My research interests lies broadly in analyzing complex structured data, high dimensional statistics and statistical learning. In my junior and senior years, I'm extremely fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Xueqin Wang from USTC working on statistical inference on hyperbolic space, which is a novel approach in analyzing structured non-Euclidean data. It's also my great pleasure to work under the supervision of Prof. Jiashun Jin from Carnegie Mellon University in the summer of 2021, I improved the existing SCORE series methods in community detection under his mentorship.

To see more details about my research, you may visit the research subsection of my homepage.

Awards and Scholarship

12-th S.-T.Yau College Students Math. Contests, Winning Prize (Final Candidate in Prob. & Stat.), Winning Prize (Team), 2021 Spring

11-th S.-T.Yau College Students Math. Contests, Winning Prize (Prob. and Stat.), Winning Prize (Team), 2020 Fall

Rose Fund Ambition Scholarship, 2021 Fall(8/400)

China Petroleum Scholarship, 2021 Fall(3/400)

Outstanding Student Scholarship - Gold, 2021 Fall(Top 3%)

Outstanding Student Scholarship - Gold, 2020 Fall(Top 3%)

Outstanding Student Scholarship - Silver, 2019 Fall(Top 10%)