Oct. 2017
I have officially moved to Cambridge, UK for Phd studies! I am now working with Dr Sanne Cottaar and Dr David Al-Attar on seismic diffraction near the core-mantle boundary.

Sep. 2016
Hello, this is Zhi Li. I'm currently a senior student, majoring in Geophysics at School of the Gifted Young of University of Science and Technology of China(USTC), supervised by Prof. Daoyuan Sun and Prof. Wei Zhang. The most of my research experiences lie in the seismic structure of both shallow and deep earth. I'm also very interested in theoretical seismology which explores the real physical mechanisms and fundamental principles of methods. And I'm going to apply to a Phd program in the next year.

In my spare time, I enjoy sports, especially soccer and swimming. I also love reading and classical music. To know more about me, please refer to my Curriculum Vitae .

Apr. 2016
Recently, I have been applying for the Visiting Undergraduate Research Project(VURP) at Caltech. From Jun. to Sep., 2016, I will have an internship mentored by Prof. Victor Tsai.

Main Research Interests

I am interested in many different aspects of solid earth geophysics, including but not limited to:

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Seismic Wave Propagation

I have strong curiosity in studying the mechanism and physical process that governs the wave propagation, especially at structurally complex areas, imaging and inversion.(i.e. study on the coda wave and the wave propagation through the layer with strong lateral heterogeneity, attenuation, scattering and interaction with the free surface.)

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The picture is from "Seismic wave propagation and scattering in the heterogeneous earth" H Sato, MC Fehler, T Maeda - 2012 - Springer

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Ambient Noise Theory

Ambient seismic noise, which makes up the largest portion of seismic records, reflects the interactions among Earth’s spheres and provides valuable constraints on Earth’s shallow structure through cross-correlation.

Recently, Victor Tsai's and Fan-Chi Lin's groups are working on seismic interferometry, extracting new body-wave info from ambient noise field to image the deep area. I have great interests on following up their new tomography method to explore the deep earth.

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The picture is from "Postseismic relaxation along the San Andreas fault at Parkfield from continuous seismological observations." Brenguier, Florent, et al.

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Earth's Deep Interior(CMB)

The lowermost few hundred kilometers of the lower mantle are particularly anomalous in its seismological properties and are identified as the D″ region. The lower mantle appears to host complex thermochemical dynamic processes that likely have played a key role in mantle evolution throughout the history of planet Earth.

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The picture is from "Seismostratigraphy and thermal structure of Earth's core-mantle boundary region." Van der Hilst, R. D., et al.

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08/2017 – Present    University of Cambridge
08/2013 – 06/2017    University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

  • Bachelor of Science

  • School of the Gifted Young

  • Geophysics, School of Earth and Space Science

06/2016 – 09/2016    Caltech Visiting Undergraduate Research Project(VURP)

Topic: Analyzing Velocity Structure and Scattering in Homestake Area    See my final report
Mentor: Prof. Victor C. Tsai

06/2016 – 07/2016    Visiting Research in Boise State University

Topic: Analyzing Active Source Data in Homestake Mine
Mentor: Prof. Lee Liberty & Gabriel Gribler

03/2016 – Present    Lab Research

Topic: Imaging the Earth's Core–Mantle Boundary with Seismic Migration
Mentor: Prof. Daoyuan Sun

04/2016 – Present    National Innovation Program

Topic: Seismic Data Regularization
Mentor: Prof. Wei Zhang

03/2016 – 06/2016    Teaching Assistant in Electrodynamic Course

Lecturer: Xin Tao

03/2015-10/2015    The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition

I was elected as the Captain of USTC-Software team, leading the team to develop a software for automatic design which integrates methods including electrical engineering, stochastic simulation, and circuit performance analysis, aiming to rationally design synthetic gene circuits with specific functions. Finally, I joined the Giant Jamboree held in Boston, MA, together with my eleven teammates, to present our software project, and won gold medal.

Summer 2014    Robot Game of USTC

We designed to build the robot called star that can automatically do the cooking with the auto-control system and food-agitation function.

Zhi Li

Undergraduate student majoring in Geophysics

School of the Gifted Young | School of Earth and Space Science Website

University of Science and Technology of China USTC

Hefei, Anhui #230026

People's Republic of China


Office : Research Building 701


Mobile: +86 189 0555 7622

Skype: Yishharu

Email: lizhi555@mail.ustc.edu.cn | lizhicongcong555@gmail.com | zli7@gps.caltech.edu(Temporary)