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Name: Liu Liu

Age: 28

Institue of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences , University of Science and Technology of China

Hefei City, Anhui Province, P.R.China, 230031

Tel: +86 15850607012

Email: liuliu66@mail.ustc.edu.cn

Research Interest


Liu, Liu, Chengjun Xie, Rujing Wang, Po Yang, Sud Sudirman, Jie Zhang, Rui Li, and Fangyuan Wang. "Deep Learning based Automatic Multi-Class Wild Pest Monitoring Approach using Hybrid Global and Local Activated Features." IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (2020) [paper]

Liu, Liu, Rujing Wang, Chengjun Xie, Rui Li, Fangyuan Wang, Man Zhou, and Yue Teng. "Learning region-guided scale-aware feature selection for object detection." Neural Computing and Applications (2020): 1-15. [paper]

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Liu, Liu, Rujing Wang, Chengjun Xie, Po Yang, Sud Sudirman, Fangyuan Wang, and Rui Li. "Deep learning based automatic approach using hybrid global and local activated features towards large-scale multi-class pest monitoring." In 2019 IEEE 17th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), vol. 1, pp. 1507-1510. IEEE, 2019. Best Paper Award [paper]

Zhao, Yushan, Liu Liu, Chengjun Xie, Rujing Wang, Fangyuan Wang, Yingqiao Bu, and Shunxiang Zhang. "An effective automatic system deployed in agricultural Internet of Things using Multi-Context Fusion Network towards crop disease recognition in the wild." Applied Soft Computing 89 (2020): 106128. [paper]

Zhou, Man, Rujing Wang, Chengjun Xie, Liu Liu, Rui Li, Fangyuan Wang, and Dengshan Li. "ReinforceNet: A Reinforcement Learning embedded Object Detection Framework with Region Selection Network." Neurocomputing (2021). [paper]

S.Muzamil Hussain.S, Liu, Liu, Wenqiang Xu, and Cewu Lu. "FPHA-Afford: A Domain-Specific Benchmark Dataset for Occluded Object Affordance Estimation in Human-Object-Robot Interaction." In 2020 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pp. 1416-1420. IEEE, 2020. [paper]

Wang, Fangyuan, Rujing Wang, Chengjun Xie, Po Yang, and Liu Liu. "Fusing multi-scale context-aware information representation for automatic in-field pest detection and recognition." Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 169 (2020): 105222. [paper]

Li, Rui, Rujing Wang, Chengjun Xie, Liu Liu, Jie Zhang, Fangyuan Wang, and Wancai Liu. "A coarse-to-fine network for aphid recognition and detection in the field." Biosystems Engineering 187 (2019): 39-52. [paper]

Li, Rui, Rujing Wang, Jie Zhang, Chengjun Xie, Liu Liu, Fangyuan Wang, Hongbo Chen et al. "An effective data augmentation strategy for CNN-based pest localization and recognition in the field." IEEE Access 7 (2019): 160274-160283. [paper]

Li, Dengshan, Rujing Wang, Chengjun Xie, Liu Liu, Jie Zhang, Rui Li, Fangyuan Wang, Man Zhou, and Wancai Liu. "A recognition method for rice plant diseases and pests video detection based on deep convolutional neural network." Sensors 20, no. 3 (2020): 578. [paper]

Zhang, Jun, ZhongCheng Wu, Fang Li, Chengjun Xie, Tingting Ren, Jie Chen, and Liu Liu. "A deep learning framework for driving behavior identification on in-vehicle CAN-BUS sensor data." Sensors 19, no. 6 (2019): 1356. [paper]


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