Changlong Li



University of Science and Technology of China

Address: Office  502, Sixian Building  Ren’ai Road 188, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Email: liclong[at] 

Research Interests:  Cloud Computing , Big Data, Graph Storage





Curriculum Vitae:

Hello, welcome to my homepage. I'm PHD of USTC, Department of Computer Science and Technology; Besides, I'm Signing Lecturer of 51CTO, Technical Director of Suzhou Dipperstar Corp and Reviewer of Applied Soft Computing; What is more, I like sports, and pleasure to be Member of the International Taekwondo Federation, ITF Black Belt. Don't hesitate to contact me.



[1].  [IEEE ICECCS] Changlong Li, Hang Zhuang, Kun Lu, Mingming Sun, Jinhong Zhou, Dong Dai, and Xuehai Zhou,  "An adaptive Auto-Configuration Tool for Hadoop", The 19th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, 2014.

[2].  [IEEE DMIN'14] Changlong Li , Xuehai Zhou, Kun Lu, Chao Wang, and Dong Dai,  "Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks in MapReduce Optimization", The 10th International Conference on Data Mining, Las Vegas, 2014.

[3].  [IEEE ICPADS] Changlong Li , Xuehai Zhou, Mingming Sun,  Kun Lu , Jinhong Zhou, Hang Zhuang, and Dong Dai,  "Decentralized Load Balancing Scheme for Event-driven Cloud Frameworks" , workshop of The 20th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2014. 

[4].  [IEEE NPC]Mingming Sun, Changlong Li, Xuehai Zhou, Kun Lu and Hang Zhuang, "DLBer: A Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for the Event-driven Clusters ",  The 11th IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing, 2014.

[5].  [IEEE CCGrid] Kun Lu, Mingming Sun, Changlong Li, Hang Zhuang, Jinhong Zhou, and Xuehai Zhou, “Wave: Trigger Based Synchronous Data Processing System ”, The 14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud,and Grid Computing, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2014.

[6].  [IEEE SNPD] Kun Lu, Dong Dai, Xuehai Zhou, Mingming Sun, Changlong Li, and Hang Zhuang, “Unbinds Data and Tasks to Improving the Hadoop Performance”, International Conference on Software Engineering. Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing, 2014.

[7].  [IEEE ICA3PP] Mingming Sun, Hang Zhuang, Xuehai Zhou, Kun Lu and Changlong Li, “HPSO: Prefetching based Scheduling to Improve Data Locality for Mapreduce Clusters ”,The 14th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 2014.

[8]. [IEEE CCGrid]Hang Zhuang, Kun Lu, Changlong Li, Mingming Sun, Hang Chen,and Xuehai Zhou, Design of a More Scalable Database System ”, The 15th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud,and Grid Computing, 2015.

[9]. [IEEE CCGrid]Hang Chen, Kun Lu, Mingming Sun , Changlong Li, Hang Zhuang, and Xuehai Zhou, Enumeration System on HBase for Low-latency ”. The 15th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud,and Grid Computing, 2015.

[10]. [Jounal] Mingming Sun, Hang Zhuang, Changlong Li, Kun Lu, Xuehai Zhou, Scheduling Algorithm based on Prefetching in Mapreduce Clusters ”. Applied Soft Computing.


Research Projects:

[1]. National Natural Science Foundation of China. No. 61202053. “Auto-Hadoop: an Adaptive Auto-Configuration Tool for Hadoop "  From 2013.01 to 2015.12.

[2]. DaFu Technology Corp. “Off-Line Analysis Platform of Medical Big Data " From 2015.08 to Present.

[3]. Tourism Bureau of Jiangsu Province. “Public Sentiment Detection System in Tourist Attractions " From 2015.04 to 2015.08.

[4]. Nanjing Radio and TV Station. "Full Link Monitoring System of Jiangsu Broadcast Network "From 2014.09 to 2015.02.

[5]. SamSung. "Low Power Research of Android Mobile Device " From 2013.09 to 2014.10.

[6]. Mathematics Institute of USTC. "Assistant Application and Management System " From 2013.08 to 2013.10.

[7]. Sony. "Study on the Leakage and Overflow of Memory " From 2011.10 to 2012.04.


Honors and Awards:

[1]. National Scholarship (by Ministry of Education), 2014.

[2]. First Award of Acadamic Scholarship (by USTC), 2014.

[3]. Scholarship of Dushu Lake (by Suzhou Government), 2014.

[4]. Vice President of Graduate Student Union (School of Computer Science and Technology), 2013.

[5]. Excellent Graduate Scholarship of USTC, 2012.

[6]. Excellent Student Scholarship of USTC, 2011.

[7]. Committee member of 0811 (School of Computer Science and Technology, USTC), 2010.

[8]. Best Creative Award of RoboGame, 2010.

[9]. Excellent New Student Scholarship of USTC (Silver Award), 2008.


Teaching Assistant:

[1]. C Language and Data Structure, in Fall 2015, 2014.

[2]. Embedded System Design, in Spring 2015, 2014.

[3]. IOS System Development , in Fall 2014.

[4]. Computer Architecture , in Spring 2013, Fall 2012.

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