About Me

Hello, I’m Zeyang, a senior at University of Science and Technology of China(USTC), School of the Gifted Young(SCGY). I major in statistics and I want to persue a Ph.D. degree in statistics after graduation. My overall GPA is 4.06 / 4.30 and I rank 1 / 79 in all the statistics major.

My research interest lies in causal inference and statistical machine learning.

Professional Skills

  • Proficient in Python, R and C++. Familiar with SAS, SQL, MATLAB, C#, LATEX, LINUX.
  • Structure Equation Modeling(SEM) and related R packages(OpenMx, lavaan).
  • Deep Learning and its main frameworks like Pytorch, OpenAI gym.
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP).

Research Experience

  • Developing weighting methods for maximizing the power of hypotesis test on bandit data, Harvard University. 2020.6 - 2020.10

  • Causal Inference for data with outcome misclassification and selection bias, USTC. 2020.2 - Present

  • Slip and guess prediction based on the question text, USTC. 2019.9 - 2020.2

  • Estimating mediation effect of the maternal genotype to the babies’ birth weight, USTC. 2019.6 - 2019.9

  • Implementation of a novel model(CCMO) in statistical genetics, USTC. 2018.9 - 2019.5

  • Causal Inference Seminars, USTC. 2018.9 - Present