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Robotic Fabrication of Frame Shapes


FrameFab Overview Video

Frame shapes, which are made of struts, have been widely used in many fields, such as art, sculpture, architecture, and geometric modeling, etc.

We present a novel algorithm to generate a feasible fabrication sequence for general frame shapes. We develop a divide-and-conquer strategy that first decomposes the input frame shape into stable layers. Then we search a feasible sequence for each layer. [PDF]


I'm involved in designing algorithm.

I lead the team to implement our algorithm in C++ (over 20,000 lines) with OpenGL, Mosek and provide simulated result to support real fabrication experiments. [Source Code]

I make rendering figures with Maya, V-Ray and write MEL script to complete and accelerate the overall workflow.


Crazy Pandas


Crazy Pandas Overview Video

Crazy Pandas is a casual game based on Unreal Engine 4, which is also an independent game with my original design, modeling and scripting. In this game, players are going to act as panda tenders to take care of pandas, escape from their disturbance in QTE (Quick Time Events) and gain high scores.


I design, model and animate characters as well as game assets.

I create shaders and effect to polish game scenes, edge effect to emphasis close view and fog effect to soften distance view.

I set up the whole game system, including AI, QTE, navigation, minimap, off-screen indicator and so on.

Game Project



Wonderland Overview Video

Wonderland is a game project based on Unreal Engine 3. The models inside game are borrowed from internet or starter content of Unreal Engine 3 but we design and implement the game all by ourselves. Moreover, an original storyline is designed that our heroin sets forth on the adventure of Wonderland.


I design and set up game scenes, make character animations with Autodesk 3DS MAX and scene cinematic with Matinee inside UDK.

I fix crashes and improve game efficiency with such as, stream levels.

I design the logo for Wonderland.

AR Game Project



Artris3D Overview Video


I design and program Artris3D with Unity3D.

I experiment AR with Vuforia.

Robot Project

Entertainment Robot


We participate RoboGame 2015 at USTC and two robots, Yuwan (right) and Cumian (left), are developed. They are entertainment robots with functions such as tracking, avoiding obstacles, dancing to the beat of music and playing music, etc. Addtionally, they are remotely controlled by app via Wi-Fi.


I design the functions and implement AI logic with mbed for two robots.

Demo: Tracking Function of Cumian

I design the appearance for two robots.

Autodesk Maya

XGen Collision Modifier


Collision Modifier Overview Video


Collision Modifier.

Collision Modifier UI.

Club Activity

Microsoft Student Club


MSC (Microsoft Student Club) is the student organization supported by MSRA (Microsoft Research Asia), which aims to cultivating talents and providing them a platform to grow together. I serve as the Vice Chairman and the Chief of Publicity Department to organize club activities.


I design posters to promote club events.

I design the logo for MSC of USTC.

Game Video

Jingshuihu Rebuild


Jingshuihu is a game scene from one of my favorite games, GuJianQiTan. Out of affection, I try to rebuild this scene in Minecraft and make a very short overview video.

Original Scene


Video of Jingshuihu Rebuild in Minecraft