Hou Dongdong (侯冬冬)


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I received B.S. degree from Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China, in 2014, and received Ph.D. degree with Professor Nenghai Yu and Professor Weiming Zhang in electronic engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China. Now, I am working at Tencent, Shenzhen, China. My research interests include multimedia security, image processing, and computer vision.

The last update date: 2019.6.19





   Reversible Data Hiding under Inconsistent Distortion Metrics

   Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang, Yang Yang and Nenghai Yu
   IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 2018
   [Codes] [PDF]



   Reversible Data Hiding in Color Image with Grayscale Invariance

   Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang, Kejiang Chen, Sian-Jheng Lin and Nenghai Yu
   IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2018
   [Codes] [PDF]



Reversible Data Hiding  in JPEG Image Based on DCT Frequency and Block Selection
   Dongdong Hou, Haoqian Wang, Weiming Zhang, and Nenghai Yu
   Signal processing, 2018
   [Codes] [PDF]



Reversible Visual Transformation via Exploring the Correlations within Color Images
   Dongdong Hou, Chuan Qin, Weiming Zhang, and Nenghai Yu
   Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2017
   [Codes] [PDF]



   Image camouflage by reversible image transformation

   Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang , and Nenghai Yu
    Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2016
   [Codes] [PDF]



   Reversible Image Processing via Reversible Data Hiding

   Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang, zihao Zhan, Ruiqi Jiang, Nenghai Yu
   IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP),    2016



   Emerging Applications of Reversible Data Hiding

   Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang, Jiayang Liu, Siyan Zhou, Dongdong Chen, Nenghai Yu
   International Conference on Image and Graphics Processing (ICIGP),    2019







   Reversible data hiding in encrypted images by reversible image transformation

   Weiming Zhang, Hui Wang, Dongdong Hou, Nenghai Yu
    IEEE trans. on Multimedia, 2017



   Reversible data hiding for 3D mesh models with three-dimensional prediction-error histogram modification

   Ruiqi Jiang, Weiming Zhang, Dongdong Hou, Hui Wang, Nenghai Yu
    Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017


   Reversible Watermarking on Stereo Audio Signals by Exploring Inter-Channel Correlation

   Yuanxin Wu, Wen Diao, Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang
    International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics, 2018



   Reversible Adversarial Examples

   Jiayang Liu,    Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang, and Nenghai Yu
   International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems, 2018



   Detecting Adversarial Examples Based on Steganalysis

   Jiayang Liu, Weiming Zhang, Yiwei Zhang, Dongdong Hou, Yujia Liu, Nenghai Yu
   Arxiv, 2018








一种图像无损变换方法,张卫明, 田辉, 郭玉刚, 侯冬冬, 王辉,专利号:CN105046633A