Fall 2013 GP15203: Geophysical Inversion

Tuesday 9:45AM-12:10 and Thuesday, 3:40PM-5:30PM, 5207.
Instructor: Haijiang Zhang / Co-Instructor: Huajian Yao

Final Project

Finding a relevant project which you will study on in the future by yourself is highly recommended. However, for those who could not find a project, you can choose one from the following projects. Personally, I think inversion is everywhere in our life

  • project 1:computes double-couple earthquake focal mechanisms(for students from Earthquake administration)

    Code:Click to view/download

    note: you can choose an earthquake, prepare the data and then inverse the focal mechanism, when you finish this project, you should be familiar with the algorithm of the program used and so on

  • Project 4: Neighbourhood algorithm and its applications(hint:you can generate some data using some nonlinear expressions and do the inversion using this algorithm, you should analysis this algorithm in detail)

    reference paper:Click to view/download