Differential Equation I, Fall 2021

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Basic Information

Lecturer: Wuqing Ning(宁吴庆), Department of Applied Mathematics (wqning@ustc.edu.cn)
Lecturer Office: 1429, Management and Research Bldg., East Campus.
Time: 1(6,7), 4(3,4)
Location: 5303, 5th Teaching Bldg.
Teaching Assistant:

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Week Homework Contents First Collection Time Deadline Solution for Ref.
1 Jin, p.14:2(4)(5),8;p.31:9,13;p.32:30;Additionals on Slides Sept. 13 on Course Sept. 25 23:59:59 Ongoing


Recitaition would be held every three weeks. Pay attention to the announcement!

No. Contents Time and Location Notes
1 TBD TBD Ongoing